Twelfth Night Ball


Our last ball was the Twelfth Night Ball, held on January 17, 2020 but unfortunately we could not host any balls since then due to the coronavirus pandemic.

American Colonial Dance is synonymous with 18th century English Country Dance which has it roots in the Renaissance and the Elizabethan era. This style of dance spread throughout Western Europe to the Courts of rulers and manor houses as well as the Taverns and Faires where it was performed by aristocrats and common people. A Dance or Ball was an opportunity to socialize, show off the fashions of the day, and one of the few opportunities for young people to meet an array of matrimonial prospects.

Each year, the Sudbury Companies of Militia and Minute host two evenings of contra dance. The Wayside Inn gaciously allows us to take over its main dining room so that we can dance and spend time with other reenactors. Our first contra dance of the year, the Twelfth Night Ball, is held in January and our second contra dance, the Regimental Ball, is held in the spring.

The dances are "called" and start off simply and become a little more complicated and elegant as the evening and drink flow. The public is welcome, and, no, you do not need colonial attire or a partner to participate. You can view a slideshow of one of a past Twelfth Night Ball.

We look forward to holding both dances next year. Updates on these contra dances will be on our Upcoming Events page.